Solo Performance

Solo Performances

"Manifestly intense" The Barefoot Review, 2016.

"Decimating the boundaries of genre" CutCommon, 2016.

Performer Bio

Influenced by everything from queer punk to American experimentalism to dolewave, Dan Thorpe was trained as a classical pianist but grew up playing guitar, making electronic music and going to metalcore shows. After an injury in his teens set him off the path of traditional virtuosity, he turned his attention to experimental music, improvisation, composition and works by his peers. In 2016, he played over thirty shows, with a focus on his own work and work by living composers. He has performed at iconic experimental venues in Australia and Internationally; from Marrickville's Red Rattler & Adelaide's Format to The Centre for New Music in San Francisco and the Ateliê Contemporâneo of Praça das Artes, São Paulo.