impossible geometry [string qt.]

impossible geometry [string qt.]

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String Quartet.


When I began to realise what it meant to be a queer artist I was studying neither music nor in Australia. It was in Oakland based poet Nora Bergamino’s freshman seminar on poetry writing that I was first introduced to queer art and indeed the idea that one could make queer art. Impossible Geometry pits calculated process against bursts of quasi-Sibelian atonal flamboyance. The piece is titled in honour of one of Nora’s lines, taken from an early draft of a poem that explored lobster intercourse as a powerful feminist metaphor; in order to copulate, the female lobster must remove her shell, but there’s a significant chance the male lobster will eat her either before, during or after the act. The first movement is an unsettling combination of high camp and serialist octatonicism, providing an almost horror-filmic soundtrack. The second movement is much more sober, abstracting; reflecting on the metaphor, but not without flourish.

Mvt I: Blue Muscle Flicker

Mvt II: Kaleidoscopic Motion

Performance History

August 2012 :: Australian String Quartet Composers' Forum, Elder Hall, Adelaide.