false cognate [Bfl ++ e.gtr/vla/elec.]

false cognate [Bfl ++ e.gtr/vla/elec.]

WINNER: APRA AMCOS Art Music Fund, Inaugural Commissions. 2016

Instrumentation/Performance Resources

Bass Flute ++ Electric Guitar/Viola/Electronics.

Programme Note

I’m fascinated by the way languages and sounds overlap, scrape and push against each other. I remember a composer saying to me “you know, we’re all only here because of Beethoven” after I described my love of Radiohead, I remember walking straight into doors marked “puxe” (push-e) in Portugal. This is a piece about those overlaps, how unstable and artificial our ways of knowing are when we’re out of our usual context.

Performance History

November 19, 2016 :: Partial Phase [The Music Box Project], Eastside Arts, Paddington NSW

November 7, 2016 :: COMA New Music Ensemble [Melanie Walters ++ Sam Cagney], Thebarton.

October 13, 2016 :: Stereo Mono @@ Format, Adelaide

August 10, 2016 :: "Birds Migrate to the Moon" [unassisted fold], Chiesa di Santa Maria di Canepanova, Pavia, IT