California Fragments

California Fragments

Instrumentation/Performance Requirements

Sampler/Live Electronics.

Programme Note

California Fragments is autobiographical music. The pieces are constructed from loops of fragmentary, sketched material and cell-phone samples. They were written and recorded while travelling, in between (or, sometimes, in the middle of) practising other pieces, or (mostly) on my ancient piano — with its creaking stool and deteriorating felt. These pianos and these pieces of paper trace my life, re-arranged into its usual patterns, through my musical output.

The performer is presented with a series of small loops, notated on playing cards, indicating either a played gesture or a sample to be triggered. Each movement occupies its own suit. Though each movement has a predetermined start and end, the performer shapes the texture through their ordering of the material. There is a degree of obscuration present in the scoring that allows even more scope for the performer.