a portrait of the ocean in static [string qt + projection + elec.]

a portrait of the ocean in static [string qt + projection + elec.]

Instrumentation/Performance Resources

string quartet + playback + projection

Programme Note

Internet culture constitutes a series of mass-shared experiences, in Australian culture the ocean occupies a space of similar vastness, necessity and public access. A Portrait of the Ocean in Static is drawn from a pool of films derived from Creative Commons films tagged “Ocean” on Flickr. The films are recalled in order of their relevance in the search engine hierarchy. In the case of this piece, the use of found footage “blatantly reflects on the absorptive logic of the creative process”; a working process that rejects a conception of audience as “mere absorbers of culture rather than being recognised as having the potential to reflect culture creatively.” Layering the footage to the point where intelligibility of individual layers becomes blurred reflects on shared narratives of the ocean, but also the sheer mass of individual stories; a poetic of public domain, organised by algorithm, unfiltered, uncut, uncurated.
Flickr User Attributions:
Don Whitaker, Micah Sheldon, Joe Hoover, dakine kane, Natalie Candelaria, Helena Jacoba, Pierre Honeyman, Daniel Latorre, Nick Doty, Jens karlsson, Aaron Tait, Mia & Steve Mestdagh, Werner Bayer, Alan Turkus, Rob Marquardt, Justin Henry, Eric Kilby, Ed Schipul, Tsuyoshi Uda, Daniel Oines, Marko Kudjerski, Cristian Bortes, Thomas Kriese, puuikibeach, osseous, be808, gerr-bon, mrt77, riggott, always_be_closing, dameetch, septemia, fressica, scazon, saeru