front pockets, back pockets, jacket pockets [sop, cl (BCl), vc, toy piano]

front pockets, back pockets, jacket pockets [sop, cl (BCl), vc, toy piano]

"Hidden and mercurial" The Australian , 2016

WINNER :: Major Commission, Soundstream Emerging Composers' Forum 2016.

Instrumentation/Performance Resources

soprano, toy piano, clarinet (doubling low-C bass clarinet), violoncello

Programme Note

From the Composer: Stacey and I met at a reading of hers at bar in Sydney. She walked up to the mic, and, in the section where she was to present a biography started quietly reading a poem. “Shout out to Drake… Shout out to crying in bed… Shout out to the Maori language… Shout out to birds…” Takahē exists in a world that seems real in the detail, but like Stacey in that bar there’s something about how everything fits together that makes it feel anything but real. There’s a friction between realities being presented, like the poem is pieced together from multiple accounts from a distance, yet somehow feeling startlingly close. Front Pockets, Back Pockets, Jacket Pockets is the same, it drifts and, sometimes, jolts between musical realities. To me, these four poems are about reconciling our internal worlds with terrifying vastness of nature and human experience. They’re about licking the wounds caused by our own solipsism, but also recognising the complexity and necessity of acknowledging that we experience life as individuals. It is my absolute honour to be able to set these texts to music, and to be able to share them with you.
From the Poet: My work is about owning a human body and navigating that body through an entire life, it is my way of trying to make sense of my environment and my relation to it, how actually unbelievable it is to be alive, to never not be in awe of the moon, it’s the open and close, the deep ocean of yourself, the trees, love sickness, home sickness. My poems are the places I hide myself in, they are necessary for my survival

Performance History

November 30, 2016 :: Finals, Soundstream Emerging Composers' Forum