Newsletter :: December 2016

What an end to the year! While I missed out on the SAM (which went to everyone’s favourite, math-y basement rockers Sparkspitter), I’m very happy to announce I was a winner of Soundstream’s Emerging Composers’ Forum, and of the Adelaide Critics’ Circle’s Emerging Artist of the Year award. I’m still absolutely stunned by these honours, and am so proud of my work this year: 30 performances, two releases, four continents, an M.Phil well and truly submitted, more grant applications and EOIs submitted than advisable or healthy (almost 20), three awards nominations with two victories, a massive crowdfunding effort, and two major commissions from Soundstream’s ECF and APRA AMCOS’ Art Music Fund.

I’ll be spending the next few weeks cooking up some amazing stuff for 2017, and possibly some sort of nap that lasts until after new years. Thanks again for your support, and I look forward to seeing you sooner rather than later!

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