Newsletter :: November 2016

DWF 2016 // Soundstream ECF // SAM & ACC Nominations // etc.

Well friends, it’s been a hell of a year.

2016 has meant a lot to me, career wise and personally. A whole bunch of you rallied behind my crowdfunding campaign to attend highSCORE festival in Italy, passing my initial benchmark in a matter of hours. I was also lucky enough to have some amazingly generous patronage, which helped ConcreteCollective and myself tour the US. I realised yesterday, while completely failing to convey the awesomeness and totality of my time away that this is precisely what email lists were for, and it was about time I updated and started using mine again. So, here’s a newsletter — hopefully I’ll be able to tell you a little bit about what’s coming up in my November, and keep you up to date with my career ~as it unfolds~ in the future. Let’s start with…

Digital Writers’ Festival 2016 :: Art and the Suburbs

Today, I’ll be part of a panel streaming live on YouTube talking about being from Elizabeth/Bradford but also somehow being a classical musician (???). I’ll be joined by the stern looking, but absolutely beautiful (read this and don’t cry, I dare you) poet Omar J. Sakr, and by the inimitable and arse-kicking Jessica Alice. You can catch our panel here from 7.00pm Adelaide time.

Soundstream Emerging Composers’ Forum

I’ve been honoured with the distinction of being selected as one of five finalists in Soundstream’s Emerging Composers’ Forum. I’ll be presenting a new work for Soprano, Toy Piano, Bass Clarinet and Cello called Front Pockets, Back Pockets, Jacket Pockets — featuring text from Stacey Teague’s phenomenal Takahē. I’m joined by composers Mark Wolf, Leah Blankendaal, Mitch Mollison and Alex Turley for a night of amazing new music and a shot at one of three $5k commissions. I’d appreciate all the support I can possibly get, in what promises to be an incredible night of new music.

SAM and Adelaide Critics’ Circle Award Nominations

To say these were a pleasant surprise is an understatement! First off, I’m nominated for a People’s Choice award for Best Experimental Artist in the South Australian Music Awards. These were actually voted for by the public, and closed a few weeks ago. Geez, I wonder which method of digitally reaching my audience would’ve been really useful for that … We’ll find out the result on Friday; watch my Facebook page/these emails for that news!

Secondly, and totally wild in my opinion, is that my work makes up 50% of the nomination for the Emerging Artist of the Year Award at this year’s Adelaide Critics’ Circle Awards. My body of work to date, and ConcreteCollective’s personwhowatchestoomuchtelevision (for which I wrote music, performed on electric guitar/cello and pre-recorded spoken work, and developed conceptually) are both nominated. I’m incredibly stoked, and feel validated that the sweat, blood and tears I put into not only writing and performing my work, but also organising, touring, promoting and trying to ensure a continuing life has been recognised. I’m also very happy that the utterly jaw-dropping performers I work with have been recognised as such, too. What a blessing to get to make things with such talented folx!

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